Happy Dog (for pets)

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REPELS FLEAS. ENHANCES FUR. PROTECTS. This blend was carefully formulated for dogs. Not all essential oils are safe for dogs, but rest assured that this blend will keep your pup smelling, looking, and feeling great! (We love cats, too, but they are even more sensitive to essential oils so it's advised to avoid use on cats).  Lavender and Cedarwood Essential Oils are added to our Pure Almond Oil base to make this canine-friendly scent. Cedarwood is known for its ability to repel fleas, and Lavender will bring peace to your pet (and hopefully encourage good behavior!).  The Almond Oil base is wonderful for shiny, soft fur and healthy skin.  An amethyst stone is added into the bottle to send its powerful vibration into the oil, thus offering its protective field around your pup. The bottle comes with a roll-on applicator, however you can easily use the cap to remove the applicator if you prefer to pour the oil. You can also remove the applicator when the product is gone to remove the stone as a keepsake if you wish.  We recommend rubbing a small amount in your palms and then gently petting your beloved for a very special blessing!

All oils are hand-made with mantra, blessed, and ready to serve you! Shipping within the U.S. is always free at EnlightenedOils.com.

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