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All chakras. BALANCING. UPLIFTING. NOURISHING.  There are some essential oils that should be avoided during pregnancy, and there are some that are extremely beneficial.  This blend has the top three: Bergamot, Lemon, and Grapefruit Essential Oils are added to our pure Almond Oil base to make this delicious scent. These uplifting oils nourish the body and uplift the mind to ease discomfort and stress. A Crystal Quartz stone is added into the bottle to heighten these effects as it sends its powerful vibration into the oil, thus into your pores. Recommended for use on the neck, belly, and pulse points as desired. The bottle comes with a roll-on applicator, however you can easily use the cap to remove the applicator if you prefer to pour the oil. You can also remove the applicator when the product is gone to remove the stone as a keepsake if you wish.

All oils are hand-made with mantra, blessed, and ready to serve you! Free shipping within the US.

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