Peppermint Angel Wing Calcite

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7th chakra VITALITY. RELIEF FROM FATIGUE AND DEPRESSION. ANGELIC RADIANCE AND PROSPERITY.   Peppermint Essential Oil is added to our Pure Almond Oil base to make this delicious scent.  Peppermint is powerful scent that can immediately change your mental state and relieve fatigue & depression.  It increases energy levels and concentration.  An Angel Wing Calcite stone is added into the bottle to send its powerful vibration into the oil, thus into your pores. Angel Wing Calcite amplifies the qualities of the oil with its strong vibration.  Angel Wing Calcite has the ability two refract light twice, thus doubling the energy.  It assists in accessing the power of the navel point in stressful situations, as well as calling in Angelic realms for help.  This blend is our most powerful for manifesting wealth, abundance, and prosperity! It powerfully cleanses your entire being, including the auric field.  Recommended for use on the forehead, temples, navel, and pulse points as desired.  The bottle comes with a roll-on applicator, however you can easily use the cap to remove the applicator if you prefer to pour the oil.  You can also remove the applicator when the product is gone to remove the stone as a keepsake if you wish.  All oils are hand-made with mantra, blessed, and ready to serve you! Shipping within the U.S. is always free at  

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