About Us

  ABOUT OUR OILS:  Enlightened Oils uses 100% pure, non-toxic, food grade Almond Oil.  Our Essential Oils that we add to the Almond Oil for fragrance are also 100% pure with no added ingredients.  Almond Oil has been used since ancient times for many purposes, from anointing to beauty regimes. Our oils are treated with natural crystals in order to raise the vibration of the oil and thus raise your personal vibration when you wear them!  Almond Oil is excellent for all skin types, and recommended to use nightly before bed on the face, feet,  and any other areas that are suffering from dryness or irritation. Its high levels of  vitamins A and E promote moist skin, although it will not clog pores; it actually helps to cleanse pores, which is why consistent use will result in fewer blemishes, blackheads and pimples. Almond Oil also helps to encourage skin cells to renew, eliminating dead skin cells from the surface and leaving behind a clean, radiant look.   ABOUT CRYSTALS: Crystals are the most ancient tool for personal and spiritual development. Their inner structure exhibits total balance. Unlike other objects, they are atomically perfect. This makes them extremely powerful for bringing peace and balance to humans. Crystals are used in many industries, particularly the watch industry, because when any type of energy is applied to them they produce a charge. This is called the piezoelectric effect, which healers tap into to send healing through the body. Each crystal holds a unique vibration, and different types of crystals have specific properties that heal different parts of the body or bring balance to a specific chakra.  Most crystals can be programmed for a specific use as well. They are known for their protective qualities, ability to cleanse negativity, and to connect with heavenly realms and expand the sense of Self.   HOW THEY WORK TOGETHER: Since pure Almond Oil is all-natural and absorbs easily into the skin, it is the perfect match to carry the pure vibration of the crystals into your pores. The crystals are first cleansed, dedicated, and blessed by the healer (Sat Devbir Singh), and then he programs them to send their vibration into the oil and uplift the wearer. For the face and hair, we recommend our 100% Almond Oil with the crystal of your choice. For more specific uses, we recommend our customized oils which contain scented Essential Oils that compliment certain crystals, thus heightening the overall effect of the product. These customized oils are powerful for increasing energy levels, relief of stress and anxiety, concentration, attracting prosperity, intensifying meditative experiences, healing emotional scars, and more.   ABOUT SAT DEVBIR SINGH: Sat Devbir Singh is a Healer, Meditation Guide, Musician, and KRI certified Teacher of Kundalini Yoga. His name means Truth and Divine Bravery & Courage. At any early age, he realized his powerful connection with spiritual realms. Nurturing his meditative Self well into adulthood, he was lead to Crystal Healing. He found that he had a special connection with crystals and that the wisdom held in them heightened his meditative experiences.  This ultimately lead him to Yoga. Fascinated with the technology of Kundalini Yoga, he immediately dove deep into the practice and unfolded exactly what his soul was calling him to do. The practice heightened his connection with crystals and he developed his own line of crystalline oils and elixirs. He hopes to uplift the planet in the spirit of Oneness and aims to unveil the True and Highest Self in every one of us. His mantra recordings, happenings, and more information can be found at www.SatDevbirSingh.com.   DIRECTIONS FOR MOST COMMON USES:   Anointing To energize yourself, balance chakras, enhance meditation, raise your vibration, or bless and/or heal yourself or another: apply sparingly to pulse points, chakra(s), forehead, or feet  Facial Moisturizer Apply sparingly to the hands and gently massage into skin and lips Body oil Apply generously and rub in thoroughly.  For Hydrotherapy, rub vigorously onto skin to create heat and immediately enter cold shower Ointment Gently apply to wound or irritated area Hair Moisten your fingertips with several drops of Almond Oil and work it into the scalp (This helps to strengthen hair & hair follicles, stop hair loss, and provide a healthy shine)   WHY CHOOSE ALMOND OIL OVER OTHER PRODUCTS?   Almond Oil is highly recommended for use on the face every night. It’s excellent for all skin types, and won’t clog pores. You will experience the same results as many expensive high-end products including silky smooth skin, glowing & even skin tone, minimized fine lines, minimized pores, reduced puffiness, and ultimate hydration.  Unlike many other cosmetics, it is all-natural and won’t harm the environment. Just a few drops on the face (concentrating on problem areas such as around the eyes), can slow the aging process significantly. It will also ease rashes, chapped lips and irritated skin.   Many toxic ingredients used in other cosmetics can enter the blood stream through the skin and accumulate in the internal organs.  The following is a list of ingredients to AVOID when selecting skin-care products:   “Fragrance”   Phthalates   Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)   Diethanolamine (DEA)   Phenylenediamine   Toluene   Triethanolamine   Hydroquinone   Formaldehyde   Parabens